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Steven J. Slater is the principal author for the service design book of knowledge. His experience over 30 years and across multiple sectors in North America and Europe, has led to traceable revenues of more than $2 billion. Naomi Lantzman, a long-time university professor with expertise designing course curricula, is also a digital transformation consultant who has spent most of her career between conversion-based marketing campaigns, e-commerce solutions and user experience planning for donor-based non-profit fundraising organizations and private industry.

You Can Improve Interactions Between Users and Services. We'll Teach You How!

Learn to improve the quality and interaction between the service provider and its users.  Employ service design best practices for designing services that satisfy user needs while also meeting service providers’ requirements and objectives. By acquiring ISDI service design practices, you will learn to use the models and tools that are intended for creating user-friendly and relevant user services Successful services using service design techniques are competitive and sustainable.

Step-by-Step Learning

Online courses that progress with you, on your time and at your pace. The courses follow a sequential progression of lessons, topics and quizzes, with exercises, scenarios and templates.

Problem Solving Skills

The service design practice includes tools, many of them problem-solving borrowed from other disciplines. The ISDI courses include a number of these tools, including ones for evaluating risk, defining ideal target markets, building loyalty programs, determining program gaps, and improving stakeholder communications.

Comprehensive Models

ISDI began building a book of knowledge for the service design practice after a three-year discovery process, which found no consensus for how to practice, including which models to use for given problems.

Leadership Skills

Tackling the principles of service design enables individuals to assume leadership roles and responsibilities—ultimately acquiring leader experiences from efforts and activities that lead toward successful design outcomes.

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Focusing on User Needs, Every Step of the Way

Focusing on User Needs, Every Step of the Way

When you’re a service-based business, your users are your most important assets and the success of your services depends on a user-focused experience. But, the reality is that depending on your users frame of mind and where they're coming from, their needs and...

The Need to Prototype

The Need to Prototype

What it Takes to Design Successful Services-Prototyping! (an excerpt from The Master, a Course Based on the Service Design Book of Knowledge) Henry Ford, James Dyson and Steven Ausnit, among many others, only realized success with their innovations from prototyping. ...

Available Courses

ISDI Learning is based on the Service Design Book of Knowledge (BOK)

The Apprentice

Roll up your sleeves and begin designing a service. Discover components of successful services, recognize key SD models, and identify and convert ideal target audiences. The Apprentice course includes templates and exercises.

The Journeyman

Building upon the user-centric approach defined in The Apprentice, learners progress through ideation methods, and demand models, journey maps, service blueprints and touchpoints. Each model and tool includes templates and scenarios.

The Master

Many services fail over time. Discover how and why any particular service is failing, and uncover any risks that lie ahead.  The Master includes diagnostics, methods for benchmarking, performance measurements and metrics. 

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"It's not graphic design, interior design, or industrial design, but the lesser-known field of service design. You may not have heard of service design yet, but I’d argue that it’s the most important design subspecialty in the business world today."

- Kerry Bodine

Forester Analyst

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