(Tampa, Fl., July/August, 2020)—The International Service Design Institute, an organization dedicated to the professional development of service designers, has published a book and a separate course titled The Apprentice.

The material is presented by experienced service designers with journalism skills, creating a unique, sequential approach to service design learning.  Those who will benefit most from The Apprentice include those looking to explore new fields with great future prospects or anyone interested more in a growing field of practice.  The Apprentice includes:  The construct and structure of a fully functional services, how to evaluate new ideas for services, the use of Service Concepts, how to design unique service experiences that meet user needs, and how to develop service loyalists.  All topics feature case studies, vignettes, diagrams and sequential steps to implementing the techniques.

“The Apprentice is methodical training for beginners in service design, from defining a service, to taking learners through the basics—the foundation—and to providing them with sufficient knowledge to play a role in any service design team situation,” The Institute’s co-founder Steven J. Slater said.

“The skeletal material for The Apprentice is based on The Institute’s first book on service design, Be Relevant!.  Over the course of a year, meanwhile, those concepts were further developed, researched, and validated, and consequently, the two books share little in common.  Additionally, since printing Be Relevant!, The Institute has developed its unique, sequential approach to learning service design, from scratch to launch.”

The Apprentice, course and publication, is available from www.internationalservicedesign.com on the resources tab.  Use Promo Code service-designer for an automatic discount.  The book by itself is available on Amazon.com by searching its author, Steven J. Slater, and by the title, The Apprentice.

Service designers employ a user-centric approach to designing functional, reliable services that meet user needs.  As a field of practice, Service Design is a collection of techniques, models and tools to help service designers focus their work on satisfying users, in part, by creating unique service experiences.

In the last decade, Service Design has grown to reach the world over with service designers practicing across nearly every industry and sector.  They work in healthcare; consumer-based products and services; government; hospitality; along with solving challenges associated with climate change, green living, and Smart Cities.  Along these lines, there is a growing demand for service designers; and only now, with The Institute’s approach to learning, there exists a roadmap for service designers to improve their career prospects.

About the International Service Design Institute

The International Service Design Institute (The Institute), a Tampa, Fl.-based educational corporation, publishes professional development materials for service designers. Its portfolio is aimed at helping service designers advance in their careers.

The Institute writes and distributes the popular Service Designer’s Handbook series, a suite of books and courses that concisely outlines methods and techniques, in logical sequential order, for building and improving services.

The Institute publishes service designer’s books, develops research papers for clients, and creates custom training materials (workshops-in-a-box) for trainers.

Visit us at: www.InternationalServiceDesignInstitute.com

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