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The Voice of Service Designers

First Community Survey – 2019


Of 65 respondents – 94% identified as service designers, half of them identified as senior-level.

Two-thirds of respondents are women.
20% of respondents earn more than $100k (€88k) annually.

Consumer-oriented businesses dominate service design work. Other growing sectors: Utilities, Education, Real Estate and Healthcare.

One-third of respondents work internal to an organization—indicating companies are bringing SD talent inside.

Of others, about a third work in boutique design consultancies.

Note: A search for “service designers” on LinkedIn shows 2 million results.

Respondents Describe Themselves

Respondents Primary Location

Where Service Designers Work

SD Is Sought After by These Industries

Requirements of a Service Designer

  • SD Knowledge
  • SME (Subject Matter Expertise) in a discipline other than SD
  • Project delivery experiencer
  • Critical thinking/push and challenge assumptions
  • User-centric mindset
  • Business knowledge
  • Technology understanding
  • Research capability

Source of SD Knowledge and Skills

Respondents’ Annual Salaries