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Third Community Survey – 2020


Respondents’ Place of Residence

Designers believe SD is a growing field

▶ Most respondents said they believe SD is a growing field
▶ Believe there are more SD jobs 77.88%
▶ 67% said Covid has impacted their job

The Definitions of Service Design

1. An established field that is both studied and practiced, based on a user-centric approach for creating and
improving services. Using methodologies, models and tools, services are designed to meet user needs
and result in satisfied user experiences.
2. Experienced-centered methodology (which includes human-centered design, emotional design, design
thinking and contextual design) that enables service innovation – by which ‘services’ are a provider’s total,
accumulated portfolio of products and services.
3. Used for planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a
service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its users.


▶ Choice #1 was preferred by a slight margin over the other two.
▶ Those who identified as Mid-level SD, chose #1 by a margin of 2:3 over the other two definitions.
▶ Senior SD chose definition #2 over #1 by a slight margin.
▶ Junior SD chose definition #3 over #1 by an even slighter margin.

The State of the Field

▶ Matriculated from a service design school of higher education
▶ If you entered the SD field from another profession, which one
was that?
• Product Design
• Innovation consulting
• Design thinking, user research
• Content design
• UX Design
• Spatial experience design
• Design and sustainability
• Community development and research
• Industrial design
• User experience design