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ISDI conducts periodic surveys that seek to learn about the field of service design from practitioners.

Once we gather the research, we sort the data and analyze it into findings. The results, we hope, better inform service designers and those who employ them.

If you have a question that we should consider including in the survey, contact us.  Also, use the form to request the findings report.

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Respondents’ Place of Residence

Designers believe SD is a growing field

▶ Most respondents said they believe SD is a growing field
▶ Believe there are more SD jobs 77.88%
▶ 67% said Covid has impacted their job

The Definitions of Service Design

1. An established field that is both studied and practiced, based on a user-centric approach for creating and
improving services. Using methodologies, models and tools, services are designed to meet user needs
and result in satisfied user experiences.
2. Experienced-centered methodology (which includes human-centered design, emotional design, design
thinking and contextual design) that enables service innovation – by which ‘services’ are a provider’s total,
accumulated portfolio of products and services.
3. Used for planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a
service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its users.


▶ Choice #1 was preferred by a slight margin over the other two.
▶ Those who identified as Mid-level SD, chose #1 by a margin of 2:3 over the other two definitions.
▶ Senior SD chose definition #2 over #1 by a slight margin.
▶ Junior SD chose definition #3 over #1 by an even slighter margin.

The State of the Field

▶ Matriculated from a service design school of higher education
▶ If you entered the SD field from another profession, which one
was that?
• Product Design
• Innovation consulting
• Design thinking, user research
• Content design
• UX Design
• Spatial experience design
• Design and sustainability
• Community development and research
• Industrial design
• User experience design