Steven offers Service Design consulting services by project or by the hour.

Services include:

User Market Research

Creating Personas

Service Design Blueprint

Developing a Touchpoint Plan

Service Prototyping

Diagnosing Failing Services

Building a Service Recovery Plan



Steven J. Slater, co-founder ISDI

Steven J. Slater

For nearly 35 years, Steven has been building services around the world.

He has consulted with executives in telecom, oil & gas, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), IT services, human capital management, financial services, and other service-based industries.  His service design work has earned clients $2 billion in traceable revenue.

Additionally, he served as a congressional liaison and foreign affairs advisor to the office of the United States Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff/Manpower & Personnel, Pentagon.

Steven has degrees from Johns Hopkins University; American University; and Syracuse University.