Our Online Courses

The Apprentice

Learn what makes a service successful.  The Apprentice introduces service design, the role of a service designer, some of the popular tools, and includes ideation models for coming up with new services.

The Journeyman

Learn how to use an Influence Model, a Journey Map, a Blueprint and Touchpoints–the common tools of service design. The Journeyman includes sequential, step-by-step instructions along with case studies.

The Master

Prototyping, monitoring, and diagnosing services. Measuring performance using research and other feedback tools. Plus, the ways to avoid failure.

What You Can Expect

Each course builds on the other so learners can obtain a foundation of Service Design through The Apprentice, use models and tools from The Journeyman, and test and diagnose with The Master.

After completing the three courses in succession, learners will gain the skills to function as a service designer and with the confidence to build and improve  services. In fact, we believe our learners will have more knowledge than many others claiming to be service designers.

Each course includes a digital textbook, easy-to-follow videos and audio, case studies, handouts, practice exercises, and quizzes, along with other learning aides.  Upon complete of all three courses, graduates will receive credentials suitable for curricula vitae.

How Courses Are Structured

The Apprentice

Recognize a service, learn what separates Service Design from other fields, and understand the user-centric approach. The user-centric approach leads to understanding the components of successful services, and how to use models to achieve those success.

Then roll your sleeves up and begin designing a service from learning to identify and shape ideal target audiences.

Topics Covered:

1. Defining a Service

2. Satisfactory Experiences

3. Unpacking Service Design

4. People, Process and Technology

5. Setting Up Organizations For Success

6. Selecting, Cultivating & Nurturing Users

7. Building a Loyal Fan Base

8. The Demand for Service Design

Become a Certified Service Designer

The Journeyman

Building upon the user-centric approach, learners move through a succession of models and exercises.  Each one of them is stripped down to its fundamentals, so learners can adopt them to their individual situations.

The Journeyman covers Demand Models, Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, and Touchpoints.

The Master

Many services fail at along various points. And those who manage services are responsible but don’t always know what went wrong, or the risks ahead.

The Master is a compendium of practical, proven methods for diagnosing, fixing and improving services. This course is for those with an understanding of Service Design and want an expertise that leads to a leadership perspective in any service field.

Meet Your Instructors

Steven J. Slater

As a service design pioneer, Steven has put his skills to use for building lines of service, otherwise known as new lines of business. He practices service design from a systems engineering approach supported by modeling and analytics.

Naomi Lantzman

Naomi Lantzman has developed dozens of digital marketing, web development and graphic design courses for universities and colleges, and continues to teach in classrooms and online for a number of colleges and universities.

More Learning Options

Browse our digital bookshelf and find textbooks, templates and resources to enhance your Service Design learning.

Service Design experiences happen at the intersection of consumer needs, business model, and brand. Companies that neglect one or more pieces of this innovation puzzle will be forever relegated to mediocrity, on par with throngs of other companies desperate to fix their experience issues and retain customers.

Kerry Bodine

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

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