Service Design Career Preparation

Sequential Learning Approach

The Apprentice Course Demo

This demo is for The Apprentice, the first of ISDI’s three-part Service Design Learning Series.

About The Apprentice Course

The Overall Course Covers:

  • The growing need for well-designed services – the economics of services
  • How Service Design came to be and has evolved
  • Lexicon for useful terms and references (People, process and technology = service design)
  • Determining your ideal audience and ways to convert them into loyalists
  • Developing personas, how and why to build them, and ways to build loyalists.
Steven J. Slater
ISDI co-founder Steven J. Slater

Why Adopt Service Design Practices

External Benefits

  • Bring in new revenue
  • Create or improve successful lines of services
  • Better engage customers

Internal Benefits

  • Solve difficult challenges preventing growth
  • Choreograph customer service experiences
  • Visualize what others can’t see or imagine
  • Interpret consumer behaviors

Upon completion, learners will take away valuable skills for identifying their ideal target audience, understand the meaning and importance of creating satisfactory experiences for your users, and ways to manipulate users through expectations.

Launch Demo

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The course is divided into modules and topics. Each module includes self-paced topics, videos, and quizzes.  The instruction proceeds in sequential order with each module building upon the one prior.

The modules and topics have ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons at the bottom. In order to advance, you will need to go to click ‘next,’ or ‘mark complete’ in order to move forward.

Throughout the course, there are links to reach us, should you need any help along the way.

At the end of the course, if you have purchased the certification, you will be instructed on the next steps.

You can begin the course from the module content box, by selecting the circle next to the first module. That will take you into the course.

We’d love to hear from you about your experiences, either during the course or afterward. We will get your feedback at

Course Handbook

Order a printed course handbook for The Apprentice to use alongside the video lessons in this course. The textbook contains case studies, tools, and templates.


Learn from Expert Service Designers

Steven J. Slater

Naomi Lantzman


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