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The Apprentice Course

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The Apprentice

Learn how to identify successful services, quickly evaluate new ideas, cultivate ideal users and turn your ideal users into avid brand loyalists.

In this course, you will learn about the factors for success in designing a service, what it means to achieve satisfactory user experiences, and how to uncover user needs. We designed this course so that upon completion, learners will take away valuable skills that will lead to the know-how for finding and exploiting new sources of revenue, engaging by connecting with ideal target audiences, and the essential ingredients to successful services.

Understanding the meaning and importance of fulfilling satisfactory experiences. Learners will develop skills for defining “experience,” and ways to manipulate satisfactory user experiences be creating expectations, preconceptions, and paths to motivation.

What to Expect

Each course builds on the other so learners can obtain a foundation of Service Design through The Apprentice, use models and tools from The Journeyman, and test and diagnose with The Master.

After completing the three courses in succession, learners will gain the skills to function as a service designer and with the confidence to build and improve services. In fact, we believe our learners will have more knowledge than many others claiming to be service designers.

Each course includes a digital textbook, easy-to-follow videos and audio, case studies, handouts, practice exercises, and quizzes, along with other learning aides. Upon complete of all three courses, graduates will receive credentials suitable for curricula vitae.

Course Handbook

Optional: Order a printed course handbook for The Apprentice to to use alongside the video lessons in this course. The textbook contains case studies, tools and templates.


Learn from Expert Service Designers

Steven J. Slater

Naomi Lantzman


Contact us if you have any questions.

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