Module 1

Typically there are pressures on an organization to develop new lines of business (LOB) or services (LOS).  These pressures can be internal and external, but nonetheless, they are rooted in the need to grow as an organization.

For this reason, most organizations are constantly looking for new ideas.


Those who are skilled in service design are important partners to an organization helping them stay current and grow based on the needs and preferences of users.

A Definition of Service Design

Service Design is a non-aesthetic design practice that helps service providers offer a benefit to users. The user-centric tools and techniques of the practice allow providers to achieve more predictable, successful outcomes. The tools and techniques used by service designers are used to design new services and address concerns or challenges with existing services, such as whether to improve the service, alter key parts of the service to adapt to changing circumstances and assess the value of a service to users and providers alike.

Furthermore, a successful service is one that ‘satisfies’ the needs of users by having them achieve a desired outcome through a reliable service experience.


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