Module 2


This module focuses on user data for shaping service experiences.

Topics include:

♦  Acquiring User Data

♦   Shaping Service Experiences





Increasing numbers of consumers share a surprising amount of personal data with service providers.  Consumers tell researchers they have few reservations about sharing their contact information, including credit card numbers along with other personal data.

In the not-too-distant past, consumers were far more reluctant to post credit card numbers on just any vendor’s website. Yet most service providers have been successful in overcoming those prior reservations.

When the internet was coming of age, very few were on board with sharing their personal data, which at the time included cell phone numbers and emails. On top of that, consumers were reluctant to share this information with local businesses let alone faceless global multinationals. Credit card numbers were out of the question.

But as the internet matured, evolving from news sites and bulletin boards (America Online AOL)—to shopping experiences, the protective guard came down and users came to expect they would need to reveal their contact info to log in, and a credit card to make a purchase. In a short time, privacy took a back seat to complete a service experience.

With insights into users, service designers are able to shape service experiences for user preferences.

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