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The goal of this course, the third in ISDI’s service design learning curriculum, is to instruct learners with methods and tools for improving user experiences.

While learners who have progressed with our three-part curriculum will find The Master picks up from The Journeyman, with its tools and techniques used to create services. We hope that others, too, will be able to grasp the value and importance of improving users’ experience.

In The Master, we dive into research and testing, aimed at gleening user information that will lead to service experience improvements.

Throughout our curriculum, beginning with The Apprentice, the techniques are best used among teams. Teamwork is even more vital to the techniques contained in The Master. No single individual should be expected to carry them out on their own.

We have included leadership concepts throughout the curriculum. They are intended to help develop service designers into leaders. With The Master, we have raised the stakes.


ISDI co-founder Steven J. Slater

It is important that service designers serve as leaders. It’s through the efforts and work of service designers that the field will become more widely known and accepted. (Which is ISDI’s purpose.)

What’s more, service designers who act as leaders will be more likely to have their recommendations heard.

You will find these lessons and much more in The Master,

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Course Objective

The course centers on why a service is failing to achieve its intended purpose. But as with all our materials, the vantage point we take is that failure is in the eyes of users.  Of course, providers are feeling the pain of a failed service. But the prescription is to improve user experiences.  In the Master, our aim is to arm service designers with instruction, including techniques, for improving user experiences.

Learning Objectives

The Master tackles problem-solving, how to credibly gather and present data, prototype service ideas, uncover the user experiences, and service recovery plans.

♦  Gather raw feedback, convert the data into useable information, and present an informed plan for improvements

♦  Service prototyping planning

♦  Measuring user experiences

♦   Methods for diagnosing service failure

♦  Plan for service recovery


Maryland's website features this photo of a young woman

The course is divided into modules and topics. Each module includes self-paced topics, videos, and quizzes.  The instruction proceeds in sequential order with each module building upon the one prior.

The modules and topics have ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons at the bottom. In order to advance, you will need to go to click ‘next,’ or ‘mark complete’ in order to move forward.

Throughout the course, there are links to reach us, should you need any help along the way.

At the end of the course, if you have purchased the certification, you will be instructed on the next steps.

You can begin the course from the module content box, by selecting the circle next to the first module. That will take you into the course.

We’d love to hear from you about your experiences, either during the course or afterward. We will get your feedback at

Course Handbook

Optional: Order a printed course handbook for The Apprentice to to use alongside the video lessons in this course. The textbook contains case studies, tools and templates.


Learn from Expert Service Designers

Steven J. Slater

Naomi Lantzman


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