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Your Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.  Feel free to contact us if you have more questions or would like more details about any of these answers.

Where do I begin?

On ISDI’s menu, the LEARNING>ASSESSMENT tab takes you to ISDI’s placement tool, which can assist by recommending a course.

Also, at the LEARNING tab you can peruse detailed descriptions for each of the courses and reference handbooks.

How do I buy an online course?

Courses can be purchased from the online store. On the menu, click the Learning tab and then the Online Courses option. You can also click here to access the online store directly. Upon choosing your selection(s), you will be taken to a shopping cart for check out. Purchases are by credit card only.

Do you offer student discounts?

No. One reason is the amount of work that goes into developing our sequential learning materials and managing this site. For that reason, coupled with the low prices, ISDI believes learners are getting an amazing deal.

Does ISDI stand by its materials?

Within a month of taking the course you are unsatisfied, please contact us by email at We are responsive.

We recognize that sometimes technology doesn’t cooperate the way we would like. In the past when this has occurred – very rare instances – it is usually resolved within 48 hours. We continually monitor our emails and will respond with 24 hours.

Have a question we have not answered? Contact Us!

How do I buy a reference handbook?

Reference handbooks are purchased through the LEARNING tab, corresponding to your reference handbook selection. Next you are offered the opportunity to check out, and your selection will appear a virtual shopping cart. Payment is by credit card only.

What happens to my order after I submit payment for an online course?

Once the purchase is verified, learners are provided access to our course platform. Learners will receive an email with login information and a link to access the course.

Why are the handbooks only available in print. And why do they take up to three weeks to arrive?

There are a number of reasons why we don’t distribute digital copies of our handbooks. But the primary reason is the books are chock full of models, tools, checklists, charts, and templates, which don’t appear correctly in the digital format.

As for the timeline, when ISDI processes an order, it is sent immediately and directly to a printer-distributor.  Once they are printed they still must be set off through the post by the printer.

ISDI does its best to use a printer near a  customer’s location. That strategy helps us keep the costs lower and consistent. Still, there are locations that require additional time and postage.

What happens if the online course doesn't function, or I'm unsatisfied?

They will, typically within 6 months. We periodically and often constantly, refresh the courses, improving them, changing the experience, which takes an enormous amount of manhours to accomplish, Then we raise the price while at the same time we retire the older course. So a purchase made six months in the past or longer doesn’t reflect the latest service experience.