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By landing here, you are supporting our mission to spread the benefits of adopting Service Design. ISDI believes that properly informed service designers can solve many of the world’s pressing problems.  ISDI is determined to do its part.

There are more than 150,000 worldwide who self-identify as service designers.  Plus, there are growing numbers of agencies and global consulting firms offering service design for clients. There is also increasing demand by organizations and corporations to adopt service design – to bolster user engagement for acquiring more loyalists, and ultimately, achieve greater revenue.

But you are here to accomplish any number of objectives, to:

  • accumulate knowledge based on ISDI’s book of knowledge (BoK), the foundation for the practice of service design,
  • adopt service design into your organization,
  • assess and develop in-house service designers; and,
  • acquire tools to train other service designers.

So, why ISDI?

  • Some years ago, we recognized the need to harness the emerging field of service design with a BoK, which are common among established fields of practice. The BoK establishes a benchmark for the field, and a foundation for service designers.
  • In keeping with our mission to spread Service Design awareness and knowledge, we recognize service designers require training, and that organizations who rely on service designers need to benchmark their knowledge to a standard. This is vital for hiring, professional development, as a basis for promotion and a way to demonstrate to clients and stakeholders that the organization has qualified service designers.
  • We fulfill our mission through collective knowledge, sharing and collaboration. ISDI improves as the BoK is improved. Still, as a starting point, the BOK is already quite comprehensive — developed with expertise from service designers, systems engineers, human behavior specialists, organizational developers, technologists, writers, and marketing scientists.
  • ISDI has divided the BoK into three courses, with accompanying workbooks. The online courses, workbooks, learning activities, workshops and assessments have been constructed with individuals with expertise in service design, developing graduate curricula and lessons, and knowledge of personnel practices.

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Next Steps:

Stay in touch by subscribing to our Idea Lab newsletter. There you can post your service design questions and get ideas from others. Also, check out collective wisdom on our Idea Lab blog, with lots of rich information that could be of help to you.  Consider improving your skills by taking one or more classes – and earn a statement of certification. Check out our digital bookshelf and see if there is a resource to aid in your professional development. Finally, we will be adding ISDI Workshops-In-A-Box, for working with clients or guiding your own organization to greater prosperity. 

As service designers, we should all consider ourselves responsible for growing the field of service design, so others can benefit.  To help make that happen, we welcome your contributions through your collaboration – so we can share with the world.

Steven J. Slater

Steven J. Slater