Dear Effie, that concern and question, unfortunately, is all too common. I, personally, have found on few occasions (thankfully) a lack of support for my projects. But I’ve also seen many colleagues felled by funders and superiors. Yet the successes all seem to follow a predictable pattern – demonstrating ROI, return on investment, and complete transparency. First, as with a contract proposal, determine the intended users and explain the intended outcome – the benefit that will accrue to the service provider from user engagement. And show how you intend to get there (accomplish the objective). Second, once approved, often for the next step, ensure funders and decision-makers are included in solving your challenges and sharing in your successes — at every stage along the way. By including stakeholders you will be seeding some control over the project, yet how much control will remain fluid and largely dependent on you as project manager. In sum, by honesty and offering complete transparency, you will attract powerful advocates. — Good luck!