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About the Institute

International Service Design Institute was founded as a professional development resource for service designers worldwide. Our mission is to improve the work of service designers by offering the most credible, practical use materials — and likewise, serving employer’s needs by offering comprehensive knowledge to service designers they hire.

As part of its mission, the Institute has published the Service Designer Handbook Series, a sequential collection of online courses and reference workbooks.

Service Design Digest

One of the Hottest Fields — Service Design

Service Designers Are Sought After by Employers

Most industries Hire Service Designers

Industries are realizing the benefits of hiring service designers. Organizations are seeking improvement and a competitive edge by creative services that meet user needs.

Service Designers Are Based All Over the World

A Community of 2 Million and Growing

Service Designers are involved in​ improving healthcare, community services, energy, utilities, along with managing the human impact from climate change.

Knowledge is Self-Taught or University-Obtained

ISDI Offers Another Option

Rather than scramble for resources, or rely on theory, consider acquiring a foundation with models, tools and templates from those who created the Service Design Book of KnowledgeTM.

Learn From Expert Service Designers

Steven J. Slater, principal author, has been developing and improving services for more than 30 years. His work includes launching renown U.S. public sector programs, pioneering online fundraising platform and systems, growing significant non-dues revenue for non-profits, and accomplishing lucrative services for global management consulting firms, among others — with traceable revenues of more than $2 billion.

Naomi Lantzman, a long-time university professor with expertise designing course curricula, is also a digital transformation consultant who has spent most of her career between conversion-based marketing campaigns, e-commerce solutions and user experience planning for donor-based non-profit fundraising organizations and private industry.


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