The state of service designers reinforces the continuing emergence and strength of service design

The International Service Design Institute finds that service designers span the globe, work across industries and sectors, earn competitive salaries and experience generally equal gender pay.  This year’s survey sample size has a 75% probability of being answered the same way of a population of 1,000 service designers (within a margin of error between 6.3 and 7.3.)

Service designers work in every populated continent, with growing numbers in Italy, the U.S., UK, Spain, Portugal, India. The growth in the UK, Italy and the U.S. would seem to correlate with numbers of students matriculating at schools offering service design.  It might also point to the growing demand for service design by company and organization leadership.

Meantime, senior-level and high-salaried service designers say degrees, mentorships, joining service design teams, or collaborating with service designers, is no substitute for service design knowledge, such as what can be gained from courses and reference books.

The data also shows the opportunity for career progression.  And that there are equal opportunity for seniority and salaries.  However, the data shows a glass ceiling for women, with fewer women represented among those earning more than $100k (€135K).

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About the International Service Design Institute

The International Service Design Institute (ISDI) is a Tampa, Fl.-based educational corporation, established in 2018. Its purpose is to advance the field of service design by preparing service designers.

ISDI, co-founded by Steven J. Slater and Naomi Lantzman, offers service designers professional assessments, reference books, online courses, and training materials.

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