Professional Development for Service Designers

ISDI's Progressive Learning Approach


Creative Energy

ISDI co-founders had a chance meeting while taping a podcast  The two took turns answering a listeners’ question: “What do service designers do once they have learned a technique since you can’t design an entire service with just a technique?”

That spurred a wider conversation between them afterward about the general direction of the emerging field service design, and what they agreed was the need for a more standardized approach to learning approach to learning service design.

As their discussions evolved, they came to believe that among the missing pieces making up the field was a sequential learning methodology, in which each lesson and course would build on what was taught prior.  In that way, service designers would learn how to design and improve a service.

Steven J. Slater, co-founder ISDI

Steven J. Slater

Naomi Lantzman

Steven J. Slater

Steven has spent most of his 35-year-career building and improving services across nearly all service sectors.

His work has brought clients more than $2 billion in revenue. Additionally, as a service designer, he has authored five books on Service Design.

Steven, who grew up attending schools in Switzerland, has earned a B.A. in International Relations and Communications from Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y, an M.A. in Public Affairs and Journalism from the American University, Washington, D.C., and an M.S. and MBA from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. 


Naomi Lantzman

Naomi, a design instructor and curriculum developer, has extensive experience in digital transformation, e-commerce, marketing, interactive experience design, and service design. 

She has designed more than one hundred instructional design curricula for colleges and universities across the U.S.

Her studio is based in Tampa, Fl.