ISDI offers assessments, which can be used by HR and supervisors as an employee performance tool; and also for determining benchmarks aligned to an individual’s current competency and skill leve; and as an instrument for new employee screening. 

Our standard off-shelf assessments follow along with ISDI’s three-tiered courses, which are used for awarding certifications upon completion. 

ISDI, in coordination with a client, can also develop unique company-based assessments to probe for more specific service design knowledge and skills.  

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ISDI’s Sequential Learning

The Apprentice

Volume I

The Journeyman

Volume II

The Master

Volume III

Volume I, covering the foundation of service design, is for learners who have not been exposed to service design.

Volume II covers models and tools and tips – taking learners through the steps and process of designing a service.  This is intended as part reference, part refresher, but also for those who have a foundation and want to progress.

Volume III, which covers shaping user experiences, is for those learners who have designed services and want to improve their skills.

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ISDI is known for its sequential approach to designing a service.  The sequential approach appears in three online courses and three separate books that can be used independently or with the online courses.

Each help learners grow their knowledge and skills

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