The International Service Design has released “The Apprentice,” the first in a three-part series – Service Design Book of Knowledge(tm) – as part of a project to establish standards and practices for service designers to practice the field of service design.

Service Design is the only field of practice dedicated to developing (designing) services. Services, which all of us rely on, make up 80% of the world’s developed economies. Some 2 million service designers are responsible for innovative and disruptive services with aims to boost our standard of living.

The Apprentice covers fundamentals of components of a service, ideation, and user loyalty, among other topics. The book, and course, explain the concepts using familiar anecdotes, which critics say make it easily understand. The Apprentice, ideal for a reference for service designers and their teams, covers both standards and best practices.

Your copy of The Apprentice is available on Amazon

To learn more about our project to standardize service design:

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