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ISDI's Progressive Learning Approach


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The sequential approach also aligns to levels of service designers’ expertise.  That means any learner can pick up one of the books or courses to progress their skills and knowledge.

ISDI Certifications

Learn the benefits of earning a certification for your service design knowledge.

There is no other site on the web solely dedicated to helping students and professionals learn to apply service design techniques.

ISDI has assembled service design learning from a foundation, to building services, to improving user service experiences all with certificates.

NOTE: ISDI Certificates Are Earned, Not Bought.

Why Get Certified?

What Makes an ISDI Certification Valid?

When you take the course followed by the assessment, you will be notified of successful completion if you pass. You may take the assessment over again.

The content is from the most credible service design reference materials.

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How Can I Use the Certification?

Consider it as any other certificate you would earn.  You can download a high-quality print version suitable for framing.

You can certainly add the qualification to your resume and to profiles.

How Can Employers Evaluate?

Once the assessment is completed and earned, ISDI registers the certificate with an independent register.  They provide a unique number. 

You and an employer can verify the certificate at ISDI’s website. 

What is an ISDI' Certification?

ISDI offers three certificates of completion each covering three online courses:

– The Apprentice (Foundation of Service Design)

– The Journeyman (Designing Entire Service)

–  The Master (Shaping User Experiences)

How Does it Work?

When you purchase any of the courses you have the option to add on a certification.  After completing a course, you will be able to begin a series of questions on the course material.

Upon passing the learning assessment you will be awarded a certificate and unique number.

You will be able to take the assessment within six months of purchasing the course, plus:
– Re-review course material
– Retake the assessment until you pass.

What is the Value of an ISDI Certificate?

The certificate demonstrates to employers an understanding of ISDI’s reliable, sequential service design instruction.

ISDI’s courses cover the design of services – from a foundation to actual design instruction and how to shape user experiences to help ensure successful services.

Steven J. Slater, Co-Founder, International Service Design Institute

Steven J. Slater

Steven J. Slater co-founded ISDI with the intent of improving recognition of service design—mainly through the good work of service designers.

In his quest to find a reliable body of knowledge, and finding none, he embarked on filling the void with his own knowledge of proven techniques from his work during 35 years as a service designer.

While ISDI is part of his vision, the vision stems from wanting a roadmap that service designers can use to be successful.

As with all books of knowledge for a field, Steven has created certifications for service designers—based on the in-depth course content