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Skill Level

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Just Starting Out

You might find our course and handbook, The Apprentice, an ideal starting point.


Our Journeyman course and handbook were developed for those with a background in service design and who desire a complete guide for how to design services.

Experienced - Looking For Refresher

You might find yourself as a good match for The Master, our most advanced course and handbook learning.


Seeking More Techniques

Our book, Service Design Models, Tools & Templates is a compendium of the most critical tools across our materials.

Do You Carry Reference Handbooks?

Standalone book or to accompany the online course. The handbooks cover much more content than the online course with layouts that open up for large image views.

Do You Have Fact Sheets or White Papers?

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Do You Have Workshops?

We offer Workshops-in-a-Box for trainers and training departments.

Service Design Courses

We offer three online courses: The Apprentice, covering the fundamentals of the field of Service Design; The Journeyman, which includes techniques to launch services; and The Master, focused on improving services through user experiences.

All of the courses adhere to ISDI’s sequential learning method, in which the material is presented in succession for designing services and by which the information builds on what was already taught.

Each course is divided into six modules with in-depth topics and includes instructional videos, case studies, vignettes, diagrams, and templates, along with terms that are defined.

The courses are self-paced and take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete.


THE APPRENTICE, Course 1 of the Service Designer series, is a comprehensive introduction to the field of Service Design, covering the role of a service designer, the essentials of how a service operates, and the criteria for successful services, plus much more.


THE APPRENTICE, Course 2 of the Service Designer’s series, is for designers to build designs from scratch. The course is a step-by-step instruction for using the most in-demand service design techniques, including journey maps, service blueprints, and touchpoints.


THE MASTER, Course 3 of the Service Designer’s series, is a collection of techniques for improving services.  The Master covers feedback gathering and analysis, service prototyping, user experience measurements, diagnosing failing services, and service recovery.

Reference Handbooks

We offer career references books, including handbooks to accompany the online courses. Each of the softcover books are chock full of service design techniques with instructions, templates, diagrams, and vignettes (examples).


Be Relevant! A Guide to Service Design in the Non-Profit World

Be Relevant! is the first complete guide to designing services for the non-profit sector.  The book was written based on decades of experience designing and improving services for non-profits, including NGOs, fundraising organizations, and membership associations.

The book addresses common challenges facing leaders in the non-profit sector, including new ways of solving familiar, recurring problems, ways of earning additional revenue from limited resources, and acquisition and retention of members, donors customers, and users.

Service Design Models, Tools & Templates

Service Design Models, Tools & Templates is a softcover collection of techniques from the Institute’s Service Designer’s Series: The Apprentice, The Journeyman, and The Master. 

Book cover Service Design Models, Tools & Templates

Book cover Service Design Models, Tools & Templates

The book lays out each of the techniques in sequential order, making it easy to use for designing and improving services – the right technique through each of the phases.


Course Handbooks Books

ISDI’s Progressive, Comprehensive, Three-part Service Design Learning


The Apprentice, the first volume in the Service Designer’s Handbook series, is a foundational reference intended to help junior service designers, and others curious about the Service Design field.

Topics include deconstructing service experiences, initiating service concepts, leading service evaluations, defining ideal ‘users,’ and techniques for developing service loyalists.

We have taken every effort to balance The Apprentice between introducing service design and helping learners who want to get started. 

The Apprentice is intended for those:

  • Who are curious about Service Design;
  • Business professionals who want to acquire valuable problem-solving skills; 
  • And those who want to adopt Service Design into their organizations.




The Journeyman, ISDI’s mid-level service design handbook, tackles the most common techniques associated with Service Design, including Journey Map, Service Blueprint, and Touchpoints;  The purpose of the book and intended outcome–is to help service designers be successful in their careers.

The Journeyman is intended for:

  • Those interested in a Service Design career.
  • Matriculated graduates who nonetheless, need a real-world practical understanding of Service Design.
  • Individuals from any background who seek greater clarity of the field and its implementation.
  • And, executives who desire to put Service Design into practice within their organizations.


The Master, intended for advanced service designers, is a guide for improving services. Each technique in The Master includes detailed, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, models, and templates.

The Master was developed for:

  • Leaders responsible for projects and teams
  • Those who want to improve their service design skills and knowledge
  • Service designers seeking advancement
  • Anyone looking to grow professionally with service design problem-solving skills.



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