Service Design Career Preparation

Sequential Learning Approach

Service Design Learning Series

Part 1

The Apprentice, both the online course and separate handbook, are the first of a three-part series of ISDI’s sequential learning. 

The Apprentice covers the fundamentals of service design, including how to structure a service, service concepts, service evaluations, and developing loyal users. 

All instruction includes techniques explained, models, images, charts, diagrams, templates, and case studies.  

* These topics are found in academia and re-created here with proprietary models and explanations. 


♦  The meaning of service design

♦  Why services need to be designed

♦  How services are designed

♦  The role of a service designer

♦  Service designers are solving the world’s toughest challenge


♦  Curious about Service Design?

♦  Looking to start a service design career or improve?

♦  Seeking credentials to advance?

♦  Looking to acquire problem-solving skills?

♦  Ready to bring the benefits of service design into your organization?

"The Apprentice helped me jump-start my career as a service designer."

Julia S.