Service Design Career Preparation

Sequential Learning Approach

The Journeyman

Service Design Learning Series

Part II

The Journeyman, both the online course and separate handbook, are the second of a three-part series of ISDI’s sequential learning. 

The Journeyman, which covers the design of services, picks up from The Apprentice, the fundamentals of service design. 

What’s Covered:  Service ideation,  Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, and Touchpoints, in sequential order.

All instruction includes techniques explained, models, images, charts, diagrams, templates, and case studies.  


♦  Creating services that meet user needs

♦  Shaping the user experience

♦  Creating journey maps

♦  Blueprinting a service

♦  Implementing touchpoints

♦  And much more . . .

Maryland's website features this photo of a young woman


♦  Who are interested in practicing service design and seeking techniques to use

♦  A progressive path to designing complete services

♦  Professionals who want to refresh their service design skills

♦  Those who want to adopt service design into their organizations

A useful starting point when working on client challenges.

William K.

"As far as I'm concerned, these are important lessons for practicing service design."

Serita J.