Professional Development for Service Designers

The Journeyman

The Journeyman, both the online course and separate handbook, are the second of a three-part series of ISDI’s sequential learning. 

The Journeyman, which covers the design of services, picks up from The Apprentice, the fundamentals of service design. 

What’s Covered:  Service ideation,  Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, and Touchpoints, in sequential order.

All instruction includes techniques explained, models, images, charts, diagrams, templates, and case studies.  


Meeting user needs


Creating service experiences


Influencing users


User journeys


Architecting a service


And more . . .

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  • Who want to practice Service Design, interested in developing or furthering a career.
  • Professionals with some background in Service Design yet desire a refresh or a reference.
  • Matriculated graduates who nonetheless, need a real-world practical understanding of Service Design.
  • Individuals from any background seek greater clarity around what Service Design means or how to apply it.
  • Executives who desire to put Service Design into practice within their organizations.