Service Design Career Preparation

Sequential Learning Approach

The Master

Service Design Learning Series 

Part III

The Master, the third in ISDI’s progressive, sequential learning series, is an advanced online service design course.  The course is made up of six sequential and stand-alone modules with material highlighted by case studies, models, templates, diagrams, instructional guidance, and terms and definitions.


♦ Feedback data management

♦ Service Prototyping

♦ Measuring User Experiences

♦ Diagnosing services that fail

♦ Service Recovery

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♦  Interested in problem-solving.

♦  Who want to grow professionally.

♦  Who seek new opportunities, move to aspire into more responsible positions.

♦  Desire to lead projects and teams.

♦  Seeking service design techniques and to bring that knowledge into their organizations for competitive advantage.

Each modlule focuses on lessons I have not found anywhere else."

Birgitte A.

I use these lessons to gather, analyze, and present feedback to my leadership."

Jared L.