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What’s Covered?

We made a number of choices about what to include in The Master to help learners discover how and why any particular service is failing, and uncover any risks that lie ahead. The Master includes service testing and diagnostics, methods for
benchmarking, performance measurements and metrics.

Learning Materials

We believe The Master Course covers what we set out to do. However, there is a printed reference book, sold separately, that features much detail about diagnosing failure, prototyping, testing, measuring, user research & analysis, plus case studies and worksheets.

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To Begin

You can begin viewing the course content modules as your first step. Use the left-hand navigation to click the module names. Under each module, you’ll see a set of topics and quizzes. To move to the next module, first complete each set of topics and take the quiz to assess your understanding.

We’d love to hear from you about your experiences, either during the course or afterward. We will get your feedback at

Great success to you and to your careers.

Steven J. Slater and Naomi Lantzman