For Advanced Service Designers, Newly Released The Master: Service Designer’s Handbook Series Volume III 

The International Service Design Institute has released The Master, the third installment in the Service Designer’s Handbook series, field guides for practicing service design. Service design is similar to product design in that both are legitimate fields of practice taught in select graduate programs around the world, and share a user-centered approach to creating technical designs.


Cover The Master:Service Designers Handbook, Volume III

Cover The Master:Service Designers Handbook, Volume III

The Master, which has been compiled and written for those who are advanced service designers and have responsibility for improving user experiences, is a collection of models, tools, and case studies, with clear, step-by-step instructions for their use, principal author Steven J. Slater said. The guide covers techniques for improving the quality and performance of services. It is not intended to supplement formal or informal service design teaching or learning, rather, The Master should accompany service designers in real-world practice.

According to a tally of LinkedIn profiles, more than 2 million identify as service design professionals, many of whom describe themselves as advanced service designers. The central idea behind The Master, Slater said, was to develop a hands-on problem-solving guide that service designers can turn to in-the-moment.  “I’ve been in situations in which I was grasping for an approach to solving a client’s problem, when the solution was somewhat amorphous,” Slater said, co-founder of International Service Design Institute. “Inevitably, I would need to design a solution from scratch each time. So I envisioned writing The Master as a jump start to solving the client’s problem.”

All the material in The Master has been carefully culled and vetted from real-world service design successes taken from across sectors and industries.  Furthermore, the techniques and recommendations are supported by research, seeking empirical case studies and accumulating the origins and evolution of particular techniques. The carefully selected topics in The Master include service prototyping, managing feedback, principles of narrative graphic presentation, measuring user experiences, discovering service failure, and service recovery.

The Master joins The Apprentice and The Journeyman in the series of handbooks, all of which offer step-by-step, sequential approaches to each technique described.  When combined, all the handbooks together offer a comprehensive approach to creating and launching services, from ideation to prototyping, execution, and launch.

About the International Service Design Institute
The International Service Design Institute (ISDI) is a Tampa, Fl.-based professional development corporation established in 2018. Its purpose is to preserve the field of Service Design. ISDI sells books, online courses, and workshops.

ISDI co-founders include Steven J. Slater and Naomi Lantzman.

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