The Third in a Trilogy of Service Design Handbooks Published by the International Service Design Institute

(Tampa, Fl., April 2020)—The International Service Design Institute has released The Master, the third in a trilogy of handbooks for service designers.  Service Design is a practice for building services, as product design is a practice for building products

“The Master is a collection of models, tools and case studies for service designers to measure the use, quality and performance of services,” accomplished service designer Steven J. Slater said, a co-founder and author of The Master.

Approximately 2 million professionals consider themselves service designers, as do user experience designers and design thinkers. Their numbers are growing with the increasing importance of services in the global nations’ service-driven economies.

The Master is the final book in the reference handbooks that were heavily researched and written based on real-world practice.  The handbooks are for service designers to build services in a logical, step-by-step sequence.  The topics covered include generating and validating ideas for new services, models and tools for constructing two-dimensional services, and measurements to gauge service impact and performance.  Each topic appears in sequence starting with The Apprentice, then The Journeyman, and now The Master.

About Steven J. Slater: Steven, co-founder of International Service Design Institute, has for more than two decades worked closely with executives across industry sectors.

About the International Service Design Institute

The International Service Design Institute (ISDI) is a Tampa, Fl.-based professional development corporation established in 2018. Its purpose is to preserve the field of Service Design. ISDI sells books, online courses, and workshops.

ISDI co-founders are Steven J. Slater, and Naomi Lantzman.