A practical guide to service design – Service Design Models, Tools and Templates (2nd Ed.) – newly revised and available now

Service Design Models, Tools and Templates (2nd Ed.), the latest practical guide to service design by the International Service Design Institute, has been revised and newly released, available at https://tinyurl.com/y5d2lm63.

Service Design Models, Tools and Templates is a collection of techniques from the Institute’s Service Design Handbook series that includes references, guides and e-courses, including The Apprentice, The Journeyman, and The Master.

“When combined, the three of the Service Design Handbook series offer learners a comprehensive, sequential foundation for designing and improving services,” the Institute’s co-founder, Steven J. Slater said. “Service Design Models, Tools and Templates, is partly the ‘best of’ the series, but features scaled-down versions of customizable models and tools for experienced service designers.”

The book, Service Design Models, Tools and Templates, lays out the techniques in a logical, sequential order, making it easy to use for service designers to find the right tool at successive stages of design.

“Some of the techniques will be familiar to most service designers,” Slater said. “But they may have not seen them presented in ways that allow for customization, tailoring to each specific challenge.”


The International Service Design Institute was founded as a global resource for service designers. It carries out its mission by engaging service designers with e-courses, reference guides and other publications for service designers, survey data, and performance assessments, plus workshop curriculum for trainers,

The Institute publishes the Service Designer’s Handbook Series, a suite of courses and handbooks that includes techniques and case studies for creating and improving services.

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