The Apprentice course is the first installment of a three-year effort to catalogue and sequence the steps to designing and building a service

(Tampa, Fla., Jan. 22, 2020)—The International Service Design Institute (ISDI) has launched its first online course, The Apprentice, to offer knowledge, skills and resources as a foundation for learning service design and becoming a qualified service designer.  The Apprentice course is in response to high demand for practical service design skills, with service providers hiring ever increasing numbers of qualified service designers—with few opportunities for acquiring service design qualifications.

A service designer develops services as a product designer designs products.  The field of service design has evolved as a practice over the past 32 years, now with more than 2 million who identify as service designers.

The growth of service design is tied to the increased number of opportunities within the service sector, the largest segment of the economies of most global nations.  Service providers are hiring service designers to solve challenges in business, healthcare, government and social services.

“The Apprentice online course covers service ideation, ideal user identification and methods for creating loyalists,” Naomi Lantzman, co-founder of ISDI, said. “The course provides learners with practical hands-on tools and templates—along with a certification of completion to demonstrate service design essentials.

ISDI has evolved from a project-challenge to develop a sequential, comprehensive reference that service designers can use to lead teams for building a service.  The Apprentice is the culmination of experiential practice and resources compiled over several years by master service designers. The compilation series has been divided into three levels to accommodate beginner to advanced professional development and advancement.

“The Apprentice course fills a learning void for those who seek to be a service designer,” ISDI President Steven J. Slater said. “While there are universities and mentorships, no one that we know of has assembled the lessons of building services in sequential, logical order (step-by-step), which the market was demanding.”

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About the International Service Design Institute

The International Service Design Institute (ISDI) is an educational corporation established in 2018. Its purpose is to provide professional development resources to service designers. These include handbooks, online courses, and workshop materials for presenters.

ISDI co-founders include Steven J. Slater and Naomi Lantzman.

Further information about ISDI, the Service Design standards and foundation project, along biographies of the founders, visit

Available Courses

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The Apprentice
Learn what makes a service successful. The Apprentice introduces service design, the role of a service designer, some of the popular tools, and includes ideation models for coming up with new services. Click here to sign up »

The Journeyman
Learn how to use an Influence Model, a Journey Map, a Blueprint and Touchpoints — the common tools of service design. The Journeyman includes sequential, step-by-step instructions along with case studies. Click here to sign up »

The Master
Learn to prototype a service, work with feedback, diagnose service problems, recover services and test and measure user satisfaction. The Master is the only service design course of its type that helps service designers take their designs and completed services to greater success. Click here to sign up »