ISDI Co-founders

The co-founders met while taping a podcast  A question popped up, “What do service designers do once they have learned a technique? You can’t design an entire service with just a technique.”

And so they began developing a sequential learning approach to Service Design.

Steven J. Slater

Steven has spent most of his 35-year-career building and improving services.  Earlier he was a prize-winning investigative newspaper reporter.  

Steven’s service design work spans the public sector, non-profit (NGO social services) sector, and business sector, including banking and finance, healthcare, IT, communications, oil & gas, consumer package goods, HR, and consulting.  Combined, his services have earned clients and employers more than $2 billion in actual, traceable revenue.  

Naomi Lantzman

Naomi has expertise in designing college courses. She also teaches, both online and in person. Additionally, she serves as a digital transformation consultant in her own long-running firm Signify Studio, based in Tampa, Florida.

Her studio is responsible for conversion-based marketing campaigns, e-commerce solutions, and user experience planning.

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