ISDI’s Sequential Learning

We set out to build a learning journey using a sequential, process-driven method that a designer could implement from problem discovery through to prototyping, launch and improvement – a complete end-to-end service development learning experience.

Steven J. Slater, Master Service Designer


ISDI started up four years ago, beginning with the Service Design book Be Relevant! – How Brands Rise to the Top (An introduction to Service Design). Be Relevant!, which was written for non-profit leaders, to share Service Design techniques that could be applied to common challenges among non-profits, including how to raise non-dues revenue.

Due to the success of Be Relevant! we were encouraged to use the same step-by-step, sequential methodology to those in public service and consumer-related businesses.  Our first objective was to build a sequential method suite of books that would take learners from entry-level through to advanced.


The books – The Apprentice, The Journeyman, and The Master – were adapted into self-paced online courses of the same name. Ever since the courses have been in steady demand.

Each course is divided into six modules, each with in-depth topics, all of them with instructional videos, case studies, vignettes, diagrams, templates, and terms and their definitions.


Maryland's website features this photo of a young woman


We have assembled ISDI’s models and tools into our most popular reference book Service Design Models, Tools & Templates.

At this time we are building our sequential method into business tools, soon to be announced.

"I use what I've learned here on client challenges. I highly recommend your courses and handbooks to others. "

J. Johns. Design Firm Sr. Manager. US

"You are doing important work for the Service Design community. Bravo."

P. Linkletter.  Professor. UK

"ISDI is my one-stop for Service Design learning."

J. Patel. Service Designer. India

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