Thank You For Your Purchase

Thank you for your purchase.  Your support helps further our mission to shape knowledgeable service designers who can represent our field.

As you may know, we started ISDI several years ago based on our disappointment by what we were seeing around the world labeled as service design.  Should the confusion continue, we feared, service design would fade into obscurity and organizations would miss out on these valuable tools and techniques to improve their engagements and grow market share.

One way to weed out confusion and misdirection, we reasoned, was to inform and educate service designers, and anyone else interested n the field.  We have spent decades building our careers designing and improving services.  So why not show others what we have learned, we decided.  By the way, our instruction is from real-world experiences and empirical academic research, which allows us to stand confidently behind our work.

By supporting us with your purchase, you help further the mission to bring greater awareness and credibility to service design.  Along these lines, we would like to hear where and how you discovered us.  Please drop us a note of any length at ISDI or  There’s a good chance we will respond!

Steven and Naomi
ISDI co-founders