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About The Journeyman

The Journeyman was developed to offer learners models, tools and resources to build and improve a service.  The backdrop is a user’s journey as the service unfolds to a satisfactory conclusion, or a service experience. To create the service experience, we have placed providers in control: with ideas to determine users’ needs, and models to plan for satisfying those needs, to models, tools and ideas for developing lasting user engagements.  The total service lifecycle, is then complete from the users’ service journey, to the providers’ responsibility for creating the experience.

Each of the models presented are unique, and in many cases, resemble other models commonly presented. But for the most part, each model has been proven. Those that have not been tested with clients were developed based on situations where models would have been used to master the challenges.  While some of the models are shortcuts to get to an objective, all are based upon the service design user-centric principle.  Other disciplines, too, rely on user-centric models, other non-aesthetic design practices.

The other way to look at these models, is in some respects they represent what is useful today, given the current state of technology.  Yet the rapid pace of technology will open up opportunities that are still only aspirational ideation. What is clear, is some of the technologies we adapt will add sophistication and complexity to service design, and others will attempt to minimize the complexity factor for the service provider.

Adding to issue of technology, is the notion of greater collection of data and better analysis for decision making to develop more enhanced, custom service experiences for users.  In the meantime, the service design field has accumulated various techniques that service providers already use to test and prototype services (ahead of investments), and measure experiences to verify, validate, and improve a service.  Whatever technologies evolve, the foundation will remain constant.  Those issues an topics form the next course in the series: The Master.

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Check out the following Service Design courses and resources.

Digital Textbook

Download your course textbook to use alongside the video lessons in this course. The textbook contains case studies, tools and templates.

The Apprentice

Services identification and the need for innovation. Defining a ‘quality’ service. Understanding the components of a successful service; and creating user loyalty.

The Master

Prototyping, monitoring, and diagnosing services. Measuring performance using research and other feedback tools. Plus, the ways to avoid failure.

What You Can Expect

Each course builds on the other so learners can obtain a foundation of Service Design through The Apprentice, use models and tools from The Journeyman, and test and diagnose with The Master.

After completing the three courses in succession, learners will gain the skills to function as a service designer and with the confidence to build and improve  services. In fact, we believe our learners will have more knowledge than many others claiming to be service designers.

Each course includes a digital textbook, easy-to-follow videos and audio, case studies, handouts, practice exercises, and quizzes, along with other learning aides.  Upon complete of all three courses, graduates will receive credentials suitable for curricula vitae.

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