Topic: 1.1 Service Types

DEFINING A SERVICE Topic 1 Services Are Intertwined In Our Lives We live in a service economy. We benefit from services on a daily basis, many of which we take for granted. Services include education, healthcare, financial services, transportation, food services,...

Topic: 1.2 Services v Products

DEFINING SERVICE DESIGN Topic 2 Service Design Overview Service design is the only practice of its kind solely focused on building services. The field’s approach is user-centric, meaning all aspects of a design and the work 0f a service designer requires the...

Topic: 1.3 The Origins

UNDERSTANDING SERVICE DESIGN  Topic 1 The Origins of Service Design  “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” —Steve Jobs   Between the period of World War II  and the 1980s, new services – Lines of Service (LOS) –...
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