Topic: Creating User Experiences

USER EXPERIENCES Topic 1 A Willingness to Share In the not-too-distant past, consumers were reluctant to give out their email addresses to service providers.  Nowadays, most anyone posts credit card numbers on any website.   Researchers say customers few reservations...

Topic: The Appeal of Convenience

USER EXPERIENCES Topic 2 Users Let Down Their Guard Even though mobile phones are the most easily breached devices, more than half of all cellphone owners store or link their most sensitive data on their phones. When given the option to use a secure third-party payer,...

Topic: Satisfying User Needs

USER EXPERIENCES Topic 3 How Many Choices Can Users Digest?  Through much of the 1980s, Campbell’s line of spaghetti sauce, Prego, struggled to compete against its rival Ragu’s Ragu.  In hopes of figuring it out, Campbell’s called on famed researcher Howard Moskowitz,...
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