Professional Development for Service Designers

The Apprentice


The Apprentice, both the title of an online course and separate handbook, is the first of a three-part series of instruction for learning Service Design. 

The Apprentice is to equip learners with the knowledge and understanding to launch a career in Service Design and tackle business challenges.  

The topics were chosen as a foundation for practicing, developed with Steven J. Slater, a master service designer and ISDI co-founder.  Bio

Apprentice Topics Include:

  • Services versus a products

  • Service design capabilities within organizations

  • Determining ideal users

  • Converting users into loyalists

  • Service designers involved in solving the world’s toughest challenges

  • And more . . .

It matters little whether you are a novice or a professional


  • Curious about Service Design?
  • Looking to start a service design career or improve?
  • Seeking credentials to advance?
  • Wantng o acquire some of the most empirical problem-solving techniques?
  • Ready to bring the benefits of service design into your organization?
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