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What You Can Expect

The overarching goal of The Master  is to equip the service designer with methods for improving services, including both the design aspect and the overall service operation. That requires assessing user experiences, diagnosing service performance, and using the insights to improve.

The Apprentice, the first book of the series Service Design Book of Knowledge, The Apprentice, we prefaced that services are part of our everyday lives, and by association, represent near 80% of our business economy. Conversely, when services fail that impact broad populations, economies suffer. Moreover, GDP is directly tied standards of living, hence the interest in government and politicians around improving Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Journeyman, the second in the series, focuses on the tools, models, and
techniques of service design, including templates to apply service design techniques. Those two workbooks lead into​ The Master. While readers who have progressed with us will have sufficient knowledge to design valuable services, this book discusses how to measure user experiences and test designs. With this knowledge, service designers will be best equipped to manage and improve services.


Steven J. Slater

Naomi Lantzman

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